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Книги о лоббизме в открытом доступе

Lobbying and the Media: Working with Politicians and Journalists

Lobbying is an art form, rather than a science, so there is inevitably an element of judgement in what line to take. The best lobbying is always based on accurate, up-to-date information and on a well-argued case, founded on credible evidence, and delivered to the right audiences in the right tone of voice at the right time. Sounds simple, but it isn't. This new Special Report shows you how.

Lobbying: The Art of Political Persuasion

Lobbying is a global industry which thrives wherever democratic governments are established. This book straddles the globe, from the USA to Japan. It covers the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments, and the Welsh, Northern Ireland and London Assemblies. It examines the lobbying scenes in the USA and Brussels. Finally, the book also deals with Asia, and touches on the Middle East. This book examines and explains all aspects of lobbying in an expert yet accessible manner. Areas covered include: - The historical background to lobbying, and the ethical and regulatory frameworks - The mechanics of lobbying, and the techniques employed by lobbyists around the world - The various types of lobbying and public affairs campaigns - Advice on how to break into lobbying - The procedure for appointing a public affairs consultancy - How to use third party advocates in support of a campaign

Public Affairs in Practice: A Practical Guide to Lobbying (PR in Practice)

Public affairs today is more than just political lobbying. It requires working with other policy-making bodies, such as regulators, commercial organizations and other interested parties. "Public Affairs in Practice" is the first book to examine the methods public affairs professionals use to make an impact. It covers each aspect of the industry and examines the tools needed to deliver an effective public affairs program. It also highlights the potential benefits of public affairs, including protection from perceived threats of new regulation, identifying new market opportunities and raising the profile of an organization. Not only do the authors consider established markets (the US, UK and Western Europe), but also the opportunities presented to companies by the EU accession states and China, where there are currently very few public affairs professionals. With case studies and tips from industry professionals, this is a practical how-to guide for both practitioners and students.